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Friday, 11 September 2020

EDUCATIONAL NEWS UPDATES DATE :- 11/09/2020DATE :- 11/09/2020.

EDUCATIONAL NEWS UPDATES DATE :- 11/09/2020DATE :- 11/09/2020.


Important Educational News Updates Of Date:-11/09/2020 are Below. 
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Affidavits of private schools to be levied in HC after FRC hike in fees  In a reply to the High Court, the apex court on the one hand has clearly stated the interest of the borrowers on installments but also on the interest on all of them, forcing the government to order a waiver of 5 per cent student fees due to Corona.  Not ready for.  The government has given 3% relief in fees to students by insisting that all school administrators suck the blood of parents like water.  Not only is there no talk of reducing the fees, but he has also proposed a formula for giving donkeys to the court on the issue, arguing that there is a fever.  However, they have accepted the offer and given extra leeway, which we are willing to give up.  Can't  The hearing on the application on the issue of school fees was suggested today for grocery stores, government k.  However, the school will be held in the High Court.  Administrators of corporate sector employees say they will not reduce student fees in response to all such school administrators, but have shown readiness that this has not happened this year and the financial position of their financial student guardians has not deteriorated (FRC Fee Regulation Committee).  Will reduce their fees in mind.  However, the school administrators are not ready to accept the state government's proposal to increase the school fees, which has not been approved.  Given that the increase in fees is due to the fact that schools have not increased fees in a year, there will be no solution to this issue.  In Corona's time the year is not charged from the guardians.  The High Court has rightly pointed out on this issue that the employment of people has been stripped, whether it will come or not.  Offers private school fees.  Not long ago, the High Court faced a pay cut, on the issue, no compromise with the administrators or ordered that if the private school parents did not resolve the representation to the school administrators, the state government would raise both the administrators and the state government.  Is.  At the time of the hearing, the High Court will discuss the issue of private school fees and if it is more than 5 per cent, submit a reply to the school administrators.  In which, A TATA PROI can.  However, ordered to take advantage of this scheme.  In the High Court Sha La-1 Medical Store, Grocery Stores, the State Government had submitted that, on the issue of fees with administrators and government employees, private school administrators in the corporate sector, the children of employees working students would not decide in the interest of holding two meetings.  The Corona period came.  In which, during all possible solutions, bring the medical store, student fees reduced by 3%.

No decision has been taken to open schools in Gujarat. CM said - we will give as many concessions as possible. No decision without studying the guidelines of the center Amidst the controversy over traditional Navratri taking place in Gandhinagar 1 street, mahalla and society, Garba is being considered, he said. According to sources, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, who arrived this year at the GMDC ground in Ahmedabad, is considering giving as much concession as possible to the government for organizing Navratri Mahotsav, Korona is not coming. At present, the guideline of the Central Government and the Supreme Court regarding the Anolak-2 epidemic is till September 31. Without studying the Navratri guidelines, no decision will be taken from October 15, so it should not be made, ”he said. Based on the Unlock-Pani guideline, it is decided that a decision will be made regarding the planning for earning despite the epidemic of Garba Koro. In a hastily formed club, party plot, the organizers of Garba, which is already in the process of launching Class 12 from September 9 by the Government of India, are pressuring the government. Meanwhile, regarding the Deputy Line, Nitin Patel, who started schools in Gujarat, clarified that the Chief Minister has not yet taken any such decision in the government to carry out such commercials, either in terms of planning or because of religious beliefs.

In Lockdown, many parents had gone back to their hometowns after withdrawing LCs. Now, when they are returning, the schools do not admit them.  Parents are going to feed their children.  In some states, the study was halted due to the epidemic of parents moving to their hometowns after the removal of Coro's LC.  Now these parents are back in the city instead of Std.  On the other hand, when many people living in the city are returning, people go for admission in their next year as the schools are closed to get admission in the next 12 students in the school.  Under normal circumstances he was going to be admitted after a gap of five months.  In this situation, it is not clear whether this can be done now or not.  In this situation, the admission process takes place in the month of June as there are disputes between the parents and school administrators Dr. Priyavadan Korat's letter to the board.  A written representation has been made urgently to clarify the issue when the board's current guardians go for admission or how far the school students have actually been demanded by the members.  A three- to four-month gap should be opened so administrators should do this after four months as there is an outbreak of corona in the state.  This is because the schools were closed in the month of March due to June instead of June.  The closure of these schools has caused his problem.  The next parents were denied admission to the schools and the schools continued for a long time.  If schools start from 21st September, there will be no problem for the students.
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