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Saturday, 12 September 2020


Important Educational News Updates Of Date:-12/09/2020 are Below. 
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Consideration to take another drastic step after the suspension of austerity allowance Corona effect: The possibility of a cut of up to 30 per cent in the salaries of government employees is increasing day by day. Navgujarat time> Gandhinagar The decision to cut the salaries of government legislators by 30 per cent in the wake of the Corona virus and lockdown to ease the burden on the state exchequer in this situation was announced after the decision to suspend the expensive allowances of employees. The state government is now likely to take another drastic step by postponing the expensive allowances of government employees. Were done. Now, with an unexpected increase in state government spending by March 2021, there has been a significant reduction in revenue by up to 50 per cent in the salaries of employees-officers. MLAs are likely to be in this difficult time. Following the decision to cut the salaries of employees by 90 per cent, it is now possible to cut the salaries of employees from 10 to 30 per cent depending on government positions and salaries. According to sources, the state government has sought the opinion of senior officials of the department, law department and veterans of the general administration department after discussing the matter with them. This is a big deal in the private sector at the moment. Employees working on a fixed salary and outsourcing employees who have been subjected to drastic measures ranging from contract or scale pay cuts are excluded from this salary deduction. The state is likely to be kept afloat while many businessmen are in a bad mood. According to reliable sources, the government's estimated revenue in the budget is declining significantly. The assembly session is scheduled to be held soon. The announcement is likely to be made during the session when the other side has a proportion of the cost under the Corona Dam campaign.

After starting the supplementary examination in two subjects, the newly registered Sanskrit first examination will also be taken along with it. The supplementary examination of Std. 12 general stream will be taken between 28th to 6th October! Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad registration process will be started. The 30th came on Wednesday morning. Students' Hindi, Entrepreneurship, Economics Gujarat Secondary and Higher subjects will be examined again in two subjects including supplementary subjects. Those who want to give Std. Will come. The stream had re-examination in two subjects. Approximately 30,000 students in two subjects, on 1st September, supplemented the students who wanted to give Rajyashastra. This is philosophy for students and in the afternoon session. As per this, examination will be held from 9th Monday to next 9th September. Examination will be started on 9th. Examination will be taken from Monday. Sociology on the morning of October which will run till Tuesday the 8th. The board has announced an extended schedule of exams today and a commuter exam in the afternoon while the estimated schedule for giving this exam. On the morning of 8th October, more than 40,000 students of Commerce have registered on the first day of the day and on the day of the 8th, the registration of psychology. Along with this, examination will be taken from 10-30 to 1.5 in the morning. In the same way, Sanskrit medium examination on 7th will also be conducted in Geography and Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu every morning between 3rd and 4th in the afternoon. Will be taken. In the same way, in the general stream in taking the exam of economics subject on the next day till now on 9th from 10-30 to 1-2 in the morning. The rules of the examination have been declared by the board in Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic during the supplementary examination in the same subject, half of which were covered. This year also, in the same and in the afternoon session, it has been instructed to take the supplementary examination in the subject of history and to reach the examination center an hour earlier.

New education policy will give new direction to 21st century India New curriculum will be implemented in schools of the country by 206: PM Modi |  New Delhi Vinoba Bhave and Swami Vivekananda had a wealth of knowledge to teach the people. Modi gave the mantra of 5-C to Skilled India.  Which happens to students.  He urged the students to grow in the 21st Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Curiosity with these five skills in the century.  Modi said that the structure of the new curriculum should not be limited to 206 classrooms for the students of the school. He said that the classrooms should be limited to the walls.  New education policy not 21st.  Education also needs to be connected to the outside world.  In order to lay the foundation for the future of India of the century, students can explore the outside world and learn something new.  The new PM Modi said.  The foundations of education have been taken into account in education policy.  2-3 New education by the Ministry of Education  After years of tireless efforts, a new education policy has been formulated.  It is necessary to implement the policy as well as to honor the teachers from 6th to 8th September but there was a wealth of knowledge for Indian languages.  Acharya Shikshan Parva should also be given importance in the celebration.  The new Vinoba Bhave is coming on the 18th.  On this occasion, Modi said that the real work for education policy is still on his birth anniversary. Modi told him that the new education policy has now started in the 21st century.  He was running according to 5 templates.  He said that on the same day, Swami Vivekananda delivered his memorable speech to two dignitaries on the occasion in his mother tongue to children up to standard in Chicago.  Modi insisted on giving the same education to Vinoba Bhave and Swami Vivekananda on this day in America.  The students memorized the English language.  He said that the two destructive 9/11 attacks were also taught to the people by the dignitaries to teach them the international language.

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